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Repainting of Calipers

Brembo does not recommend repainting calipers due to the potential issues that can be created when done incorrectly. If you choose to paint your calipers regardless, please read below.

Special Notes:

  • Brake fluid, harsh brake or wheel cleaners can damage any caliper finish.
  • Powder coating is not recommended.
  • Two piece calipers should never be taken apart.
  • Pistons should not be removed.
  • Stiffening bridges, stainless abutment plates or any other parts that are not listed below should not be removed.

Remove ONLY the following parts. No other parts should be removed.

  • Pads
  • Pad pins
  • Pad springs
  • Rubber bleeder caps

Caliper finish should not be stripped or removed. Only painted surfaces should be lightly sanded and repainted. All other areas that are metal or anodized (silver or black) finish need to be taped off.

The following mounting surfaces should NOT be painted:

  • Anodized area under the head of the caliper bolt
  • Anodized area of the caliper that rests against the spindle or caliper adapter bracket
  • Anodized area that the brake line mates to the caliper

Type of Paint: 
High quality 2 or 3 stage automotive or aircraft paint can be used.