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Are Brembo calipers directional?

Brembo's calipers are directional, due to the use of sequential piston sizes. The leading pistons are smaller in diameter in order to combat uneven wear of the brake pads.

How Do Disc Face Types Affect Brake Performance?

Brake discs are one of the major brake tuning options which a professional race team has at their disposal at any typical race weekend.

How does reducing weight of the braking system benefit the vehicle?

The mass of any vehicle requires energy to accelerate or decelerate. Reducing vehicle mass improves acceleration and requires less energy to be dissipated during deceleration.

How long do Brembo discs last?

The usable life of a brake disc is influenced by a number of factors including vehicle weight, driving style, vehicle usage, brake pad material, and many others.

How long does it take to install a Brembo system?

Most 2-wheel applications take only 2-3 hours to complete.

Is the biggest brake disc the best answer for my vehicle?

Not necessarily. There are many factors to take into account when choosing a performance brake system.

Repainting of Calipers

Brembo does not recommend repainting calipers due to the potential issues that can be created when done incorrectly. If you choose to paint your calipers regardless, please read below.

Should big brakes be installed on the front wheels or all four?

During braking, the front of the vehicle does the majority of the work. Exactly how much of the braking is influenced by the vehicle's weight distribution, wheelbase, and center of gravity.

Should new discs and pads be bedded in?

The bedding procedure is an important step when installing the GT systems or new rotors and pads.