Brembo: Official Partner


Optimum Brake Balance

Optimum brake balance is achieved by combining Brembo's thorough knowledge of OEM braking systems and use of an unlimited range of caliper, piston, and disc combinations.  These combinations...

Optimum Heat Dissipation

A brake system’s primary job is to store and release heat as efficiently as possible.

Thermal Capacity

Thermal capacity, or heat storage capacity, is determined by how much weight or mass is located in the outer ring section of the disc.  This is the area where the friction surface of the disc...

Thermal Distortion

Thermal distortion is the deflection/flex, or compressibility of a material under temperature and pressure.

Thermal Properties

Thermal capacity, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, and thermal stresses each define a material’s thermal properties.  Depending on the brake system’s intended use and performance...

Unsprung Weight

Unsprung weight in a vehicle is the weight of components that are below, or not supported by, the suspension of a vehicle; tires, wheels, brake assemblies, etc.  This weight affects chassis...

Vane Design

Exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity which increases resistance to brake fade.