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PC-10-.8013A (2-Piece Discs)

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Type 5

  • 102.8013A
Product Overview
Product Description:

(F) | 355x32mm (14") 2-Piece Discs | Complete Axle Set | Pre-Assembled | All Necessary Hardware Included

Front or Rear System Shown:
Intended Use:
System Dynamics:
This system consists of 2-Piece disc assemblies which directly replace the OEM discs | Type-5 slot pattern, differs from standard GT 8-slot pattern.
Disc Type:
Type 5
Disc Material/Finish:
Advanced High Carbon Alloy / Corrosion Resistant Plating
Disc Diameter:
Disc Width (Measurement):
Disc Air Gap (Measurement):
Disc Annulus (Measurement):
Disc Construction:
2-Piece Disc Assembly
Disc Vane Design (Measurement):
Vented Curved 72 Vane
Disc To Hat Mounting System:
Floating D-Bobbin with Anti Rattle Spring
$1,795.00 USD

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