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Some of the bushings in the two-piece disc assembly seem to be loose.

The two-piece disc assemblies utilize a floating disc. The mounting system of the disc is designed to allow a specific amount of float in both the radial and axial directions.

What are the advantages of slotted discs?

Slotted discs offer increased durability under extreme conditions. They provide higher thermal capacity than a drilled rotor, which makes them a better setup in race like conditions.

What are the benefits of opposed-piston fixed calipers?

A fixed caliper is secured rigidly to the axle assembly and has at least two opposing pistons that force the pads against the disc.

What brake pad materials are available?

The pads that are provided with Brembo brake systems are high performance pads that offer a very broad temperature and performance range.

What is brake torque?

Brake torque is essentially the power of the braking system. The brake caliper acts on the disc at a certain distance from the hub center, known as the effective radius.

What is the difference between the different systems Brembo offers?

Brembo offers different levels for different applications, and for different budgets. There are currently three performance levels within the Brembo program. The first level is the Sport system....

Where can I find test data on stopping distances?

At the speeds that stopping distance is generally measured from (60 to 70mph), the test is primarily testing the tire's grip on the pavement.

Which direction should the discs rotate?

It is a popular misconception that the slots or drillings in a disc determine the direction of rotation.

Why are there so many holes in a cross-drilled disc?

The number of holes in a cross-drilled disc is part of the engineered system.